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is going on with whirlpool? that's got something to do with the 5% drop in durable goods orders? >> that's right, we're right on target and whirlpool is doing okay. whirlpool came out with numbers that beat the street and they're countering the global demain that's waning. on the other hand, that's the whirlpool story, but it's down 5 1/2%, why? because the u.s. durable goods number down 5.7% and durable goods is things that are meant to last years, if they fall on your foot, they hurt like a washing machine, right? that's what a durable good is. and it really just shows you the economy and what the durable goods numbers tells you is that we're seeing slower growth. >> by the way, nicole, whirlpool is one of charles' stocks that he liked, okay, and now it's down big, but he tells us, i heard in my ear, he says he likes it and it's is going to justify his position later in the program. nicole: good. stuart: thanks, nicole, see you later. we want to hear from you always, send your e-mails now, and it's time for those 7 early movers. what's moving in a market that sh
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&p 500 is raising the rating on whirlpool. what have you got? >> a lot to take a look at here. first start with the major averages. all down arrows as we speak. dow 14,556 but that wasn't before it had an all-time record. 14,605. s&p 500 also hit a multi-year intra day high so that was one to watch. all three have pulled back. we got in the i.s.m. number. that was a disappoint for the 54 estimates at that level. what's interesting is we're seeing down arrows, market averages. so obviously anticipating a little volatility, a little nervousness here in the markets and as you noted, whirlpool. interesting news on whirlpool. the go ahead news is that s&p 500 actually raised rating on whirlpool one notch. some of the things they talked about are stronger housing market, lower cost structure, better economy and that may further strengthen the credit measures and operating results but it's still down 1.25% for whirlpool. cheryl: but still 116 dollars per share. that's impressive. it is time to make money with charles payne. it's all about 3 d and that's all i know. we've been talking about
chipmakers are out with earnings and where does the role as the supplier to apple fit in. whirlpool's ceo will join us. the stock is up in 12 months. what are the numbers telling us about housing, europe and the economy. hard to tell which direction we'll go here. we'll get the opening bell in about 15 minutes. >>> all right. shares of yum brands up sharply in the pre-market. the parent of kfc, taco bell and pizza hut posted profits of 70 cents a share. revenues in line with their forecasts. yum also reaffirmed its prior outlook for the full year in terms of earnings despite saying that the bird flu issue continues to negatively impact same-store sales in china. of course, china is the key for yum. they seem to be navigating it fairly well, although i defer to you on this name. >> i think the world of david novak. this industry whether it be comp son, whether it be the -- look, shake. there are titans in this industry of which novak towers over everyone. and pizza hut, and the reason i say that he towers over them is because every analyst who doubted him point-blank did not understand the
but it is of the ancillary businesses. city should be buying whirlpool that is where the money is to be made with maintenance on their homes and why not? why put money into it? of the home builders will do well they still will but there is a lot more existing homes and new homes. cheryl: but they have been a of pick in the past but are you standing behind these new names? >> whirlpool pays $2 dividend on $9 earnings. they could raise that easily and mohawk does not pay a dividend so they could initiate one. there is a lot of room for the market to go higher. cheryl: but that entire market is down. now let's go to the knit cap and beatings of benchmark the knit cap sometimes is lost in the parade. >> if you think about the mid cap is not a large cap but if you want to improve the topline then why not make the acquisition in the mid cap range? you need to make it in the large caps so there's a lot of the company's having a lot of cash flow and if you grow said topline to acquisitions. cheryl: always great to see you thank you for my a brand-new i glass cleaner. [laughter] the gift that continues to amuse and e
. >> and whirlpool announced a dividend increase, saying that they expect a sustained growth. all the new homes coming out will need aappliances they sell kitch kitchen-aid and maytag products. they were up better than 3% today one. >> one of the stars of the market was ww granger. it sells equipment and supplies to other companies and institutions. their first quarter improved by 13% and led the s&p 500 gaining 7.5%. that works out to $16 to $241 a share. >>> and gold prices regained a bit of their glitter today, up $26 an ounce but that is coming off the biggest one day drop in prices in 33 years on monday. with prices falling $140. if you own gold, even old jewelry that you are thinking of selling for cash. you may be wondering if now is the time to sell. jane wells takes us to a california company, where prices for gold and silver are creating a rush of customers. >> we have 23 kilos and 365 eagles. it's late afternoon at the investment company where customers are buying or selling gold and silver. >> volatility brings them in. they need to act now. he is a partner in the gold dealing, >> u
upgrades yesterday. ramp $5.92. another firm took owens corning. oh, man. and whirlpool boosted its dividend by 25%, even though that's precisely what i was looking for. saying that all was well with housing, buy, buy, buy. and with that, the rattle in the bears was on. you could argue all this is just pure fancy. all day i heard about how the fed is stoking this rally with cheap money and it can't last. you know there's a problem with that thesis, though. the feds stoked the rally for the last 4,000 dow points so that bearish attack simply doesn't hold water anymore. i'm bored by it. i heard there was nothing more than anemic bounce back. that was the case at the opening bell and started going down. but when the market didn't roll over, courtesy j & j and coca-cola, as much as i thought it might, i mean, it stopped going down, hung by a thread, buyers stepped in to take advantage of the decline. when gold didn't break down the appointed hour when margin clerks do the liquidating between 1:00 and 2:00, you have a second wave of buyers grabbing for anything still down. here's the bot
at the new york stock exchange with the latest. nicole? >> an interesting story, ashley, whirlpool, two stories combined into one. look at the stock. it's hid pretty hard today, down 2%, was down more than that. it has recovered some of the losses. this stock, though, is not too far off the all-time high of 122.39. there were numbers that beat the street, maytag, cut costs, price increases, all good news for whirlpool, but durable goods numbers came in weak taking them down along with this. as far as the major market averages, down arrow for the dow, and nasdaq down. mixed market at the moment. ashley: a see if there's a lot of action in the last hour. thank you. >> more now on the battle over faa furloughs and flight delays. house committee drilling the chief accusing the agency of using the sequester as a scapegoat for the delays. republican congressman of pennsylvania is on the panel and joins us now. congressman, so glad you are with us. i have to mention up front that we have a lot in common here. the furloughs, flight delays, i've been traveling for as many years as i've been aliv
, balkan rallying 7%. sherwin-williams, whirlpool, all turning in solid performances. commodity price stabilizing. down $140 per ounce yesterday. crude oil flat on the day, up a penny a barrel. in the credit markets, yields of slightly. coming up next year, some democrats playing politics with yesterday's terrific terrorist attack in boston wheezing not even 24 hours. in the "chalk talk" we will share their embarrassment with you. and investigators determine the types of bonds used. will it lead them to those who carried out this heinous attack? terrorism experts join us here next. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, t, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captur. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. ♪ lou: you are looking now at a3 vigil under way. the dorchester neighborhood of boston. the home of the 8-year-old young boy, to richard, who was killed while he wa
%. sherwin-williams, whirlpool, all turning in solid performances. commodity price stabilizing. down $140 per ounce yesterday. crude oil flat on the day, up a penny a brel. in the credit markets, yields of slightly. coming up next year, some democrats playing politics with yesterday's terrific terrorist attack in boston wheezing not even 24 hours. in the "chalk talk" we will share their embarrassment with you. and investigators determine the types of bonds used. will it lead them to those who carried out this heinous attack? terrrrorism experts join us here next. ♪ girl vo: i'm pretty conservative. very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours. [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush, you'll never go back to a regular manual brush. its three cleaning z
they are perceived like yum brand. meanwhile, taking whirlpool off the in-lining quarter, from the wealth effect, and boeing's magnificent quarter and even lolely worm alcoa. the bulls just have to hope that wall street doesn't think it's national lemming week or maybe they will figure out that the whole cliff diving thing is a bad idea and ought to spend more time looking and less time jumping. hey, let's go to ed in wyoming. ed? >> caller: hi, jim. greetings from -- boo-yah from cheyenne in wyoming, almost had 38 inches of snow. >> well, i guess it was more of a snow issue. let's go to josh. >> caller: hey, jim, big 18-wheeler trucker, boo-yah to ya. >> i'm liking that frigeightlin. >> caller: hey, i'm following the furloughs and the airlines and delta comes out with a better year over year quarter, they are up like 8%. i'm thinking, what's going on? are we supposed to be in the airlines? buy them or sell them or go up? >> you ought to stay in the airlines despite the chart looks dim and the sequester is a real head knocker. i was on the tarmac the other day for a couple hours and they said it
up close to 2.5 points. appliance maker whirlpool reporting first quarter profit of 1.97 per share that's excl e excludeing certain items. sales shy of street estimates. they did see higher profit margins for fifth consecutive quarter. the doj unveiling a former complaint against lance armstrong yesterday saying he violated his contract with the u.s. postal service and was unjustly enriched while cheating to win tour de france. this is what he was hoping to avoid when he started lying about it and when he did the oprah interview and other things because he hoped they wouldn't do this. >>> that's why it took so long. how many years did you know he wasn't being honest? >> you know i always wanted to believe. you were not a believer. i was trying to believe. >> it's sad to see your bubble pop. >> it was. >> from apple fighting with samsung to amd battling intel, rivalries are strong in the world of tech. joining us on set, former amd ceo ruiz. thank you for joining us. it's an interesting thesis that you have here that from your viewpoint i can see where you're coming from, others mi
builder suppliers? like whirlpool and sherwin williams. 52-week high. the appliance business used to be pretty cutthroat. the cost of the steel and energy needed to make a washer & dryer coming down. what about the paint in this can of sherwin williams? it's all petroleum-based. coming down across the board. but the prices of both products, i don't know if you have been to the store lately. they're not coming down at all. raw cost is lower, price is higher. the magic of gross margin appreciation. now, you know who can do no wrong in this environment. but how about who can do no right? first, the banks. they're still spending fortunes fighting legal battles as we saw in the bank of america report today. they can't make as much money on deposits because the fed is keeping interest rates low hoping that you'll buy a house. they don't have the demand needed to make lucrative commercial real estate loans and even when they have a great quarter and to me when you parse the fine print wells fargo for example had a great quarter, but everyone still feigned disappointment anyway. how can y
line, but they missed on the top line. one name, one example would be whirlpool. the ceo actually talking to our own carl quintanilla earlier today and the ceo saying the only place internationally he saw real, true growth was china. that stock down today, but still up about 80% over the past nine months. and procter & gamble took a nasty tumble today. organic sales and guidance disappointing investors. and we'll end here on these three names. these names missed on both the bottom line and the top line. waste management. i know you two were talking to the ceo about an hour ago. i thought it was interesting when you asked him how he's going to be allocating capital. he talked about dividends, paying down debt, he also said maybe buying back stock later in the day. waste management up today, up about 16% this year. guys, back to you. >> josh, thank you so much. >>> have you checked out the japanese nikkei recently? listen up, what's happening on the other side of the globe is impacting your money big-time. i'll talk exclusively with the head of mizuho securities usa about the econom
. revenues fell short. that's the reason we seen the stocks end down on the day. similar story for whirlpool the largest appliance maker, sometimes seen as a play on the housing mark. its first quarter profit came up above estimate, thanks to higher prices in cost cuts. revenues came in shy of street expectations. management acknowledged it was hurt by its competitor's use of heavy discounting. that stock ended in negative territory as well. >> seema mody, we appreciate it. let's go straight to the scoreboard. we have 174 s&p companies reported so far. 68% beating estimates. only 40% beating revenue estimates. so far, however, item profits, as actual profits are up 7% against a year, actual revenues are up 2.8%. now, a little editorial. the great story of this bull market over the last four years, to me, is profits, not economic growth, not sales revenues. since early 2009, s&p operating earnings increased 129% while the index, itself, has to gain 133%. so i want to talk to carole roth, former investment banker, best selling author of the entrepreneur equation. excuse me. carole, i'm not say
, and as only of i got there that i realized that we were in a whirlpool and looked like we were on our way to war. >> i would, whichize the situation as as -- characterizee situation as being one in korea, as mentioned in the news, of great anxiety. short of panic but great anxiety. the american mothers had taken their children out of school in april and had gone home. it was kind of a slow, quiet evacuation. the threats that had gone back and forth between north korea and washington increased in intensity, and vitriol. the north koreans say we will turn seoul into a sea of fire and they cobols they had thousands of long-range artillery that seoul, city of 15 million people, within range of their shells. the united states said, beginning with president clinton, if they tried to make a bomb and use it, they would be no north korea. he said that on the dmz. and equally stern warnings followed up. everytime the negotiations that marion had spoken about, in terms of the business about trying to get inspectors and the unitees nations and the international atomic energy agency -- everytime they
% as it's reached $21 a share, a bit after door stopper. and standard & poor's raised rating on whirlpool, that's charles payne's stock, by the way, but it's down just a little bit this morning and we have american greetings revealing a deal to go private and market likes that. it's up 12%. back to the big boards, we've turned around and we're now up 7 points, open 7 lower and now we're up 7, 14, 585 where we are. time is money and this morning, i've got 60 seconds for three more stories we're going to get firings you up today. 700%, that's how much spending on school administration k through 12 has gone up in the past 50 years, are we getting our money's worth from the administrators, is that spending helping students? we'll deal with it. we'll also talk to a small business owner who says she will take a hit from obamacare because she has one too many employees. and if you miss what google decided to celebrate on its home page yesterday, easter sunday, we will show you. here is a hint, it wasn't easter. and back to the markets and the price of oil. $96 a barrel this morning and that's do
, qualcomm, whirlpool and not to mention data and q1 gdps coming friday and that will be a key number and that will tell us a lot about how this year is shaping up. s&p 500 at the top of the screen. brookfield property partners celebrating its recent listing and over thea the nasdaq, via com celebrating its annual via commune the day and the company wide day of employee service. >> a couple of big stories shaping up this morning. cat, we talked about in the a block managing to held on to the green despite missing and warning and everyone will want to talk apple for the next 36 hours as we get closer to the earnings coming tonight. >> lots of angles coming to the fore, i took a quick look at analysts and 14 analysts downgrading apple in the last month. even though we've had back and forth in the recent days about people upgrading and revising targets it still seems the brought base of analiysts is moving. >> look past the disappointments that we'll get, buy from the product cycle. that's a very interesting call. i was just looking for what the price target was. >> i think it was 500, r
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)